Kayla Marque Performs At OpenAir, Talks Blending Folk And Hip-Hop

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Photo: Kayla Marque At OpenAir
Kayla Marque

Kayla Marque's music career began at age 19 with the band Straight Nerdy Like A Cool Kid. The Denver singer-songwriter has since embarked on a solo career with the help of like-minded Colorado artists Sur Ellz and Kid Astronaut, who provide harmonies for her live performances.

Marque is prepping the release of her debut album, "Live And Die Like This." She stopped into the CPR Performance Studio to play three soulful songs from her forthcoming record.

She also spoke with Aaron 'Loki' Johnson about her lack of vocal training, her involvement with the Black Actors Guild and incorporating numerous genres into her debut album.

Stream the session above and read a portion of the interview below.

On the difference between her live shows and her forthcoming album:

"[Performing live] is very naked and raw. But the album is a lot of production. It's still organic. It's not overproduced.

"It's a lot of fusions of different sounds. Very '90s, very hip-hop, very R&B but still my kind of folky/soulful."

Songs performed:

  • "Wait to Rust"
  • "Body Talks Electric"
  • "Hopeful Heartbreak"