Pot DUIs Up In Denver, Down Across State

Denver saw an increase of stoned driving in 2015, but the State Patrol reported a slight decrease.

In Denver, 73 drivers were caught under the influence of marijuana last year. That’s about two-and-a-half-times as many pot DUIs compared to before recreational pot stores opened. Denver is home to the majority of marijuana shops in the state.

Alcohol is still the biggest problem, accounting for 94 percent of DUIs in the city last year.

The Colorado State Patrol, which covers the whole state, reports that marijuana DUIs fell 1 percent last year, to 665 total. This is the first time the state has had two years of comparison for marijuana impairment.

But the true extent of the problem with pot and driving may not be known for years. There is no marijuana breathalyzer in widespread use in Colorado.