Colorado Helps Leadville Acquire Historic Tabor Opera House

(Photo: Courtesy of Lake County Public Library Colorado Mountain History Collection)
<p>Interior view of Leadville, Colorado&#039;s Tabor Opera House stage on opening night, November 20, 1879 for the play “The Serious Family,” which was the theater&#039;s first production.</p>
Photo: Tabor interior 1800s
Interior view of Leadville, Colorado's Tabor Opera House stage on opening night, November 20, 1879 for the play "The Serious Family," which was the theater's first production.

The Opera House in Leadville was built by silver magnate Horace Tabor in 1879. It’s one of the few opulent, 19th century opera houses still existing in the state.

Editor's note: An earlier version of this story incorrectly stated Colorado would acquire the Tabor Opera House. The grant money will help the city of Leadville acquire the building.