Map: Panthers Twitter Chatter Drowns Out Broncos

Face it, Broncos fans. Your team just isn't that interesting to the rest of America.

Why would we say such a thing? Well, Twitter mapped which Super Bowl teams were tweeted about the most across the nation in the last week. And it's not a pretty picture for the orange and blue.

The Broncos have Colorado and Wyoming pretty well locked down, decent buzz across the Mountain West, and held their own in a few stray outliers like New Hampshire, Arkansas and Hawaii. Other than that though, it's a sea of Panther blue.

So what's the deal? Is Cam Newton just more fun to talk about than Peyton Manning? While you ponder that, check out another map. Google search data from throughout the season for flights to Super Bowl 50 shows Broncos fans were the most confident -- despite what the Denver Post's comment section sounded like after that Steelers loss in December.

So what are we to take away from all of this? That Broncos fans love their team, and the rest of the country couldn't care less? More likely though, is that it doesn't really matter. Far more important is Sunday's final score.