Ahead Of Tornado Season 2016, What You Should Know In Three Graphics

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Graphic: NOAA Average June Tornadoes By State 1989-2013
The average number of June tornadoes, by state, according to NOAA. June is Colorado's heaviest month of tornadoes.

Graphic: NOAA Average June Tornadoes By State 1989-2013It’s unknown whether Colorado will see a repeat this year of 2015’s slightly higher-than-average tornado season. The state’s 25-year average for tornadoes is about 50 per year.

Last year saw a few more than that, partly because of El Nino. That Pacific weather pattern is still active, but could be shifting before Colorado’s tornado season is over, according to meteorologist Bob Glancy.

Glancy spoke to CPR News about Colorado's tornado season and more. Edited highlights are below.

Graphic: NOAA 2015 Tornadoes State Departures From 25-Year Average