Capitol Conversation: Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice Bills

· Feb. 15, 2016, 7:45 am
91.5 KRCC

State legislators discussed a number of law enforcement and criminal justice bills this week along with some other controversial measures.

Excerpts from this week's Capitol Conversation with Bente Birkeland:

On Increasing the Statute of Limitations for Sexual Assault Cases in Wake of Bill Cosby Allegations:

Kristen Wyatt, Associated Press:

"We would be the 17th state, lots of states have been looking at this. There was a very interesting debate though; some say what are your memories from twenty years ago? Do we not just clog up our court system if we're looking at such old cases? But it passed unanimously and I think that will end up on the Governor's desk."

On Criminal Justice Reform Measures:

Joey Bunch, Denver Post:

"One would address police profiling. This bill came up last year and didn't make it through so they're going to try that one again, a ban on chokeholds; another one that didn't make it through last year. They're also looking at gypsy cops, making police officers' records open to future employers."

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