Colorado Still In Running For Housing Guantanamo Bay Detainees

February 23, 2016
Photo: The Supermax facility outside Florence, in southern ColoradoAP
The Supermax facility outside Florence, in southern Colorado. 

released Tuesday, does not identify -- nor rule out -- a location in the U.S. to house the detainees.

Defense officials had surveyed a few areas in Colorado, including the Supermax prison near Canon City. 

"I suppose I would prefer not to have war criminals or war prisoners in our community," Canon City Mayor Tony Greer told NPR last year

But Jonathan Hansen, a senior lecturer at Harvard University and author of "Guantanamo: An American History," told Colorado Matters in October that he thinks concerns over security are overblown. 

Colorado could still house the detainees -- if political obstacles are overcome.  Congress recently approved legislation that bans the military from moving Guantanamo prisoners to the country, the New York Times reports.