Plan For Levitt Pavilion Amphitheatre In SW Denver Moves Forward

<p>(Courtesy Studiotrope Design Collective)</p>
<p>The design concept for Levitt Pavilion Denver, expected to open July 2017.</p>
Photo: Levitt Pavilion design concept
The design concept for Levitt Pavilion Denver, expected to open July 2017.

The Levitt Pavilion Amphitheatre would be built in the park on the city’s west side. The Levitt Foundation has made a donation toward the $2.8 million construction cost.

Friends of Levitt Pavilion Denver would pay back the city for bonds it would sell so construction could begin in late 2016. Council member Jolon Clark says he agrees with the foundation’s goal of providing the arts for free.

"There are certain things that should be available and have access for all," Clark said.

The amphitheatre should seat about 7,500, but city expects crowds of a few hundred to a few thousand for the free concerts. The city would spend $1 million for more parking and other infrastructure.

If approved by the City Council, the amphitheatre could open by the fall of 2017.