Colorado Coalition Against Gun Violence Opposes New Suite Of Gun Bills

<p>(Hart Van Denburg/CPR News)</p>
<p>The Colorado Capitol.</p>
Photo: Colorado State House, State Capitol, December 2015, West Side Statue, Snow
The Colorado State Capitol.

Four of the five bills come from the state House and one originated in the state Senate. Three of the five bill would change current rules for carrying a concealed weapon in Colorado.

  • Senate bill 17 would allow a person who legally possesses a handgun under state and federal law to carry a concealed handgun in Colorado. Advocates say this removes the need for a permit, but the bill's fiscal note assumes that "most persons will continue to apply for these permits in order to be eligible for reciprocal rights in other states."
  • House bill 1023 seeks to expand the state's "Make My Day" law to allow people to defend their place of business with deadly force. So if an owner, manager, or employee reasonably believes that an intruder is trying to commit a crime other than unlawful entry, then they would be permitted to use physical force against the intruder.
  • House bill 1024 would repeal the large-capacity ammunition magazine ban passed in 2013.
  • House bill 1179 would create an exception to the state's concealed carry permit process for active duty military with a concealed handgun. Normally, in order to lawfully carry a concealed gun, you need to have a permit in Colorado.
  • House bill 1204 would allow people with a concealed carry permit onto public school grounds with their weapon. Currently, it is a class 6 felony for a person with a concealed carry permit to bring a weapon to a public school.

A Democrat-led state House committee is expected to reject most, if not all of the five bills.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.