Pueblo County Sees Rise in Cases of Ringworm in Cats

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Cases of ringworm in cats are on the rise in Pueblo County. The increase puts humans at risk of exposure, as the infection can be spread from a pet to its owner.

Patti Canchola is a Staff Veterinarian at Pueblo Animal Services. She said this type of increase in ringworm cases is somewhat rare.

"Probably in the last six years that I've been with the shelter, I've not seen the frequency of cats that are coming into the shelter with the fungal infection like we've seen this year," she said. 

Canchola said the recent increase may be due to this years' lack of a bitter cold winter, as the ringworm fungus grows in warm and wet environments.

Cats are typical ringworm carriers and show infection via hair loss. Infected humans will show raised, circular skin lesions.

The Pueblo City County Health Department says they don't keep track of ringworm incidents in humans.

If you think you or your pet may have been exposed, Canchola advises contacting your local veterinarian as well as your primary physician.