Douglas County School Board OKs Revised Voucher Program

A divided Douglas County school board approved a plan Tuesday evening to let parents use taxpayer money to send their kids to private school.

This version does not provide vouchers for tuition at religious schools, like an earlier proposal. The state Supreme Court found that unconstitutional.

Board member Doug Benevento, who wrote the new version, said it would start as a pilot program.

"I can’t believe this would be a matter of grave concern if we opened up a program and allowed 500 kids to make the determination as to whether or not there’s a better option out there for them," Benevento said.

The plan is a concern to board member Wendy Vogel.

"We are a public school board of education. We are not supposed to be supporting private education in any way shape or form," Vogel said.

The voucher program passed on a 4-3 vote.