CDOT to Participate in National Transit Map Initiative

A new initiative to streamline public transit information across the nation has launched, and the Colorado Department of Transportation is planning to participate.  The initiative is called the National Transit Map, and its goal is to compile public transportation data, including localized bus and train routes and schedules, into a single repository.

Chief Data Officer at the U.S. Department of Transportation, Daniel Morgan, says the map is geared toward urban planners and community leaders, and they're asking state transportation departments to compile the information to share with them.

"We will do the work to go ahead and take those data sets and combine them into one layer that anybody across America can use to visualize how transit serves citizens," says Morgan. 

The Colorado Department of Transportation is planning to provide the requested data, says Michael Timlin, Bus Operations Manager with CDOT.

"CDOT will be participating in the project," says Timlin. "The initiative is very new but we plan to because it's very important to show the DOT how they're trying to map out where there's deficient transit needs."

USDOT says the map's initial release is set for this coming summer with periodic updates thereafter.