School Threat Reporting Bill Advances

<p>(AP Photo/Brennan Linsley)</p>
<p>Arapahoe High School students walk together in January 2014, during a lunch break on the first day of classes since a fatal Dec. 13 shooting on campus, in Centennial, Colo. </p>

A bill that allows mental health professionals to notify school officials if a student makes a serious threat against a school is close to becoming law after debate in the Senate today.

Already approved by the House, it has just one more hurdle to pass in the Senate before landing on G0v. John Hickenlooper's desk.

The legislation arose from recommendations made in three reports on the Arapahoe High School shootings that were released in January. Overall, those reports concluded that clues to shooter Karl Pierson were missed because information about his behavior was not shared before the shootings.

"If somebody could have weaved this thread of information together, they could have formed a plan for this person," said Senate President Bill Cadman, a Republican.