Detour Music Project Goes ‘Tiny’ & Returns With New Artists

(Photo: courtesy of the artist)
<p>Chimney Choir</p>

What if musicians could focus less on promoting their new albums while on the road and more on building relationships with small communities? That’s the idea behind “Detour,” a music project headed by the state’s cultural agency, Colorado Creative Industries.

The project launched last fall with Denver alternative hip hop group Flobots. This week, CCI announced headlining acts for the second installment. “Tiny Detour” features Denver folk-rock band Chimney Choir, musician and animator Laura Goldhamer, and Davey B. Gravey’s Tiny Cinema.

Buena Vista is one of the stops on this “Tiny Detour.” Town administrator Brandy Reitter hopes the project will have a big impact on young audiences. She also sees potential for a local and regional economic benefit.

"The more you can bring people out in your community, the more people rally around the businesses, the more foot traffic that's in your downtown,” Reitter said. “It also provides a regional value in terms of entertainment for folks in Leadville, Salida and Fairplay."

The tour runs May 1 - 7, with stops in Colorado Springs and Carbondale, as well as Buena Vista.

Watch Chimney Choir in the CPR Performance Studio: