Affordable Housing Legislation Moves Forward; Construction Defects Effort Dies

Three bills aimed at increasing affordable housing in Colorado moved forward at the state Capitol late Thursday.

The package includes two bipartisan efforts that would extend tax credits for developers who build affordable housing units – and provide down-payment savings incentives for first-time home buyers.

A third Democratic measure would use part of the state's unclaimed property fund to directly help rent-burdened Coloradans. Senate Republicans voted down a similar measure last year.

Democratic House Majority Leader Crisanta Duran says Colorado faces an affordable housing crisis.

“Too many Coloradans are struggling and trying to figure out how they are able to pay for the high cost of housing," Duran said.

Meanwhile, an effort to reform Colorado’s construction defects laws appears to be dead for the year. Lawmakers have been working behind the scenes to try to get a deal done on an issue that some say contributes to the affordable housing problem – lawsuits over building defects that may slow new housing development.

Stakeholders blasted emails Thursday – pointing fingers over negotiations that have apparently fallen apart. House and Senate leadership remained hopeful that a last-minute deal could be reached.