Pot Gummy Bears Outlawed In Colorado

Updated 3:20 p.m. -- Marijuana gummy bears won't be legal in Colorado starting next month. Neither will marijuana products in the shape of any other animal.

Or fruits.

Or people.

A bill signed into law Friday by Gov. John Hickenlooper makes it a crime to sell pot-infused candies in certain shapes.

Sponsors say that gummy bears, gummy worms and chewy candies shaped like fruits are too attractive to children. As CPR's Ben Markus reported earlier this year:

In the past, the edibles makers have attacked attempts to alter their products. But this time many remained neutral. However, Dan Anglin, with the Colorado Cannabis Chamber of Commerce, said edibles come in many forms, but none are marketed specifically to children.

"Candy, just because it’s candy, doesn’t mean that it is intended for, or attracted to, children," he said, and reminded the House committee of a litany of regulations already going into effect this year like stamping edibles with an identifying symbol.

Colorado already requires edible marijuana to come with a stamp that says the item includes THC, marijuana's intoxicating ingredient. That requirement takes effect later this year.

The gummy bear ban takes effect July 1.