Cinemark Seeks $700K From Theater Victims For Legal Fees

The owner of the theater where 12 people were killed by a gunman in Aurora wants victims to pay its legal bills.

That comes after victims lost a civil lawsuit against the theater, alleging lax security the night of the shooting.

Cinemark, the Texas-based theater chain, is trying to recover $700,000 in legal fees from victims.

Sandy Philips’ daughter was killed in the theater and she was part of the group that unsuccessfully sued. Cinemark, in her view, should have had more security guards and alarms on exit doors for the highly anticipated premier of the latest Batman movie.

And she says Cinemark should not be exercising its right to collect legal fees.

"Shame on Cinemark," she said. "They should have let this drop, and let people get on with their lives."

A judge still must approve Cinemark’s request. The company didn’t respond to requests for comment.