Cops Ask For Help Identifying Motorcycles That Blocked I-25

Denver police want the public’s help in identifying some of the hundreds of motorcycle riders who blocked traffic on Interstate 25 last weekend.

The department is asking people to share pictures or videos of the incident through the Crime Stoppers hotline and website. The city might be able to seize motorcycles that were involved.

"Our investigators are looking at photos and video right now, they are gathering license plate numbers and so the investigation is still very much underway," said police spokesman Doug Schepman.

"We’re doing the investigative legwork to see what cases we might be able to pull together and then we’ll proceed from there with the city attorney’s office," he added. He didn’t say whether they’ve tracked down any bikes, yet.

The ride Sunday across the metro area was organized to raise awareness of motorcycles on the road. But bikers briefly stopped traffic on I-25 near University, blocking hundreds of cars behind them.