Kaine Makes Colorado Stop, Touts Clinton’s Small Business Plans, Dings Trump

Photo: Virginia U.S. Sen. Time Kaine In Colo 8-23-16 (AP)
Virginia U.S. Sen. Time Kaine, who is Hillary Clinton’s vice-presidential running mate, spoke at Primus Aerospace.

Democratic vice presidential candidate Tim Kaine discussed small business issues in Lakewood Tuesday, and he also took a few shots at the business practices of Republican Donald Trump.


The Virginia senator, who is Hillary Clinton’s running mate, spoke at Primus Aerospace, where Kaine rolled out a Clinton plan aimed at making it easier for small businesses to operate.

Kaine blasted Trump, the Republican presidential nominee, as someone who doesn’t pay his bills. He referenced allegations made in court by some business owners who say Trump has engaged in shady business dealings.

“Trump has perfected this strategy of knowing that small businesses can’t afford the big lawyer, so he will say yeah, ‘You got a big contract, sue me if you want, but we’ll wear you down in court,’” Kaine said.

“We ought to do things that make it harder for big businesses to use that kind of a strategy to punish small businesses or just push them aside.”

Trump has shrugged off the allegations. He argues he’ll use his business experience as president to create jobs.

Clinton' s five-part small business plan would streamline regulations, making it easier for entrepreneurs to start a company. It also would relieve regulatory burdens on small credit unions and community banks that are looking to do business with local entrepreneurs. She wants to simplify tax filings for small businesses and ease their interactions with the federal government, and create tax credits that would help businesses provide health coverage for their workers.

Kaine said the Affordable Care Act -- Obamacare -- went a long way toward helping workers get health care, but there’s room for improvement.

“Hillary’s proposal is, 'Let’s make the Affordable Care Act work better for small businesses by making that tax credit program more robust, but also just easier to access,'” he said.

Kaine was joined at the event by Sen. Michael Bennet and Rep. Ed Perlmutter, both Democrats.