Watch: Bassoonist Martin Kuuskmann’s Dynamic Take on Schumann’s ‘Fantasy Pieces’

<p>(Photo: CPR)</p>

Here’s an animated performance by a talented woodwind player who’s new to Colorado.

Bassoonist Martin Kuuskmann recently began teaching bassoon and chamber music at the University of Denver. The Estonia native’s resume includes his premiere of 11 bassoon concertos and a job as principal bassoonist of the Estonian Festival Orchestra.

Kuuskmann treated listeners to his rendition of one of Robert Schumann’s “Fantasy Pieces,” written in 1849, during a recent CPR Performance Studio session.

The piece’s bewitching melody, originally composed for clarinet, moves as though it’s climbing up and down a series of spiral staircases. Kuuskmann’s bassoon sounds almost forlorn as pianist Heidi Leathwood’s playing ebbs and flows in the background.

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We’re lucky to have this performance on video -- especially if you’re used to seeing bassoonists sit nearly motionless in the woodwinds section at the symphony.

Watch the way Kuuskmann almost dances with his instrument as he makes his way through the piece. See it in the video link above.