These Were Our Most-Read Colorado Stories Of 2016

<p>(Jenny Brundin/CPR News)</p>
<p>Grace Davis and some of the posters used at the protest she organized earlier this year at Ponderosa High School.</p>
CPR Staff

'Tis the season for lists, right? As we bid 2016 adieu by counting down our favorite stories, or our favorite conversations, it's only proper that we check out what you picked as your favorite stories of the year.

Leaving out stories from the 2016 election guide (because that's over) or stories that are out of date because of their timeliness, these are the stories that were read the most this year. As always, our journalism is here because you choose to support CPR News, both with your time and attention, and your membership. We appreciate it and we'll do it all over again in 2017.

Top 10 Most-Read 2016

  1. How A 'Stubborn' Student's Secret Recording Led To Calls For School Board Resignations
  2. What Was Denver Like When The Broncos Last Won The Super Bowl? Let's Take A Look
  3. A Teacher Retires After 25 Years, Dismayed At How His Profession Has Changed
  4. Superdelegates: What They Are, And Why The Democrats Created Them
  5. Storyteller Captures 'Humans Of The Colorado Trail'
  6. Family Sells Cottages And Decades Of Memories To Rocky Mountain National Park
  7. In Colorado, School Funding Lags Despite A Booming Economy
  8. 'Wild' Conundrum Hot Springs, Wildly Overused, Faces Possible Permit System
  9. Methodist Church's First Openly Gay Bishop Prepares For Move To Colorado
  10. Just How Late Are Colorado's Ski Resorts Opening? Let's Go To The Chart