Census Data Shows Colorado’s Continued Growth

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New US Census Bureau data shows Colorado's population continues to grow steadily. 

Colorado had the seventh fastest growth rate in the nation from 2015 to 2016, according to the data. That's mostly due to migration into the state rather than gross birth rate. Most of the fastest growing states were in the west.

Elizabeth Garner is Colorado's state demographer. She says the growth rate is steady compared to population booms in the 90's, but the state is still experiencing growth pains. 

"Roads and bridges are not keeping pace with what we've seen in terms of the population, and you feel it," she says. "This is all about planning."

Garner says the states with the most population growth, including Colorado, also have the highest job growth.

Colorado's population has increased by more than half a million since 2010. It's now the 21st most populous state in the nation.

County by county data is expected in March.