Colorado Springs Ranks High in Birthplace Diversity

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Colorado Springs ranks 11th in the country for birthplace diversity according to a recent study. That means many of its residents weren't born here. 

WalletHub's cultural diversity study looked at data from over 500 American cities.

Jill Gonzalez is an analyst for WalletHub, a personal finance website. She says they looked at three main factors using US Census data:

"We looked at things like linguistics: whether people are speaking English, Spanish, other types of languages. We looked at ethno-racial diversity, and birthplace diversity as well. Were people born in that state itself, in different regions, or in foreign nations entirely?" Gonzalez says.

Colorado Springs ranked very high for birthplace diversity. That affected the results of overall cultural diversity, making the city above average. US Census data shows the city is nearly 80% white.

According to WalletHub, by 2044, no single ethnic group will constitute a majority in the United States.