As The City Grows And Climate Changes, Denver Parks And Rec Revisits Its Master Plan

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Photo: Denver Skyline2 wide (HV)
The Denver skyline and the Rocky Mountains.

Denver is updating its long-term road map for city parks and recreation centers. The plan hasn't been revised since 2003, and in the intervening years the city’s parks have to accommodate big changes, including a lot of young adults who have moved to the city, along with a growing population of older residents.

The increasing effects of climate change also has officials rethinking water use and how to manage Denver’s mountain parks outside the city.

“There’s a really strong focus on health and healthy lifestyles,” said Denver Parks and Recreation executive director Allegra “Happy” Haynes. “And the fact that parks aren’t just pretty places and recreation isn’t just about fun.”

Three public meetings about the park plan — known as the “Game Plan” — highlighted the different demands facing the city. Haynes says some people want more activities at parks, while others go there seeking refuge from the city’s bustle. A final version of the updated master plan is expected later in the summer.