Funding Explained: Where Support For CPR Comes From And Why It Matters

With this year’s annual operating expenses totaling over $14 million, it’s no surprise that people are curious to know where the money to support Colorado Public Radio comes from.

The short answer: People who rely on CPR, just like you.

Community support is essential to Colorado Public Radio. Coloradans value the organization and, in turn, CPR is able to foster a well-informed public and more engaged Colorado through in-depth news and music. This relationship ultimately improves the quality of CPR’s programming and allows us to better reflect the needs and interests of the community.

Funding Explained

Where does CPR’s funding come from?

CPR earned over $16 million in revenue last fiscal year, of which over 95 percent came from contributions made by individuals, local businesses and organizations. It breaks down in this way:

  • $10.1 million from Individual giving: These are contributions made by people in the community who show how much they value CPR’s role in their own lives by giving at a level of their choice, anywhere from $5 to $30,000 or more.
  • $5.1 million from Underwriting: Local businesses and organizations provide philanthropic support for CPR, which is acknowledged in 15-second announcements on air.

CPR also receives about five percent of its annual revenue from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, with no additional funding from state or local governments.

Collectively, these sources cover all of the resources needed to produce and curate in-depth news and music. After operating expenses, any revenue surplus offers flexibility to invest in Colorado Public Radio’s future, including capital improvement projects—like the remodel of our newsroom—and debt management.

How does CPR inspire people to give?

One of Colorado Public Radio’s greatest assets is community support. In testimonials, members and underwriters share that they are inspired to donate because they believe in CPR’s mission to inform, enlighten and entertain communities across the state. Their donations allow them to play an important role in enriching the larger community.

As many listeners know, Colorado Public Radio encourages support from new members during on-air membership drives. These events, which occur three times a year, provide an opportunity to speak directly to CPR’s community of listeners and remind them of the financial resources needed to produce and curate news and music programming every day.

Aside from dollars and cents, membership drives also provide important, unifying and community-driven elements to CPR’s programming that would otherwise be lost. Whether you make a financial contribution or not, it’s important to be aware that over 50,000 people do, and it’s because of these members that you’re able to hear news and music uninterrupted every day beyond membership drives.

What makes CPR’s community of support so important?

Because of the community's investment in Colorado Public Radio, CPR can continue to provide impartial news and meaningful music to Colorado, with thoughtful, in-depth programs, including:

And so much more . . .

Thanks to loyal community support, CPR has the capacity to bring music, stories and information to the people of Colorado wherever they are, whenever they have time to listen, watch or read.