Kevin Morby: ‘Aboard My Train’

June 12, 2017

Kevin Morby is a songwriter who can create intense moods: The music of previous albums "Harlem River" and last year's "Singing Saw" ranged from relaxed to jittery to haunting -- sometimes within a single song.

Morby's tone is nostalgic but upbeat on "Aboard My Train" -- a single off the forthcoming LP "City Music." The song's narrator reflects on a long romantic history of "many faces, many places" with exuberance and delight. Morby's band adds a summery folk-rock groove to complement his playful vocals.

Kevin Morby performs Aug. 25 at Downtown Artery and Aug. 26 at Globe Hall. Check out our Inside Track feature with Morby.

Download "Aboard My Train" via the link above.

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