Denver Bond Issue: Measure Will Be On November Ballot

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Photo: Denver Central Library 1 | Perusing audio books
Brett Normandin of Denver peruses the audio book section of the Denver Central Library on Thursday, May 25, 2017.

Voters in Denver will decide this fall whether to approve a city bond issue worth almost one billion dollars. A lot of the money would go for transportation, to improve roads and sidewalks and help ease traffic congestion, and libraries. There’s a long list of other potential items that city officials are still working on. Advocates for neighborhood parks and rec centers, and institutions like the Denver Zoo have pushed for their own favorite projects in a process that has seen passionate debate and some winners and losers. Jon Murray’s covering the bond measure for the Denver Post. He spoke with CPR News about it. You can see the proposed list of projects here.

Editor's note: A previous headline incorrectly stated that the public comment period on the bond measure was closed.