Nonprofit Profiles: Mission Medical Center

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Barb Cronin, Executive Director at Mission Medical Center
Barb Cronin, Executive Director at Mission Medical Center

Mission Medical Center offers free medical, dental, vision, behavior health, and spiritual companionship. It also provides durable goods to allow independent living for uninsured and under-insured, low income neighbors of the Pikes Peak Region.

Mission Medical Center does not receive Federal funds or insurance reimbursement for the services it provides. Funding comes almost entirely through private sources, Churches, foundations, businesses, and individuals donate cash, goods, and services to support the clinic.  Mission Medical Center is a 501 (c) 3, faith based organization located at 2125 East LaSalle Street in Colorado Springs, CO 80909, just 2 blocks southeast of Union and Constitution.  Mission Medical is located at a bus stop on Bus Route #6. More information can be found at  

Mission Medical Clinic is participating in the Give! Campaign this year. More information about that can be found at