Shooting At YouTube HQ In San Bruno, Calif.; Victims Taken To Hospital; Suspect Dead

A woman shot and wounded several people at the headquarters of YouTube in San Bruno, Calif., before shooting and killing herself, according to police Chief Ed Barberini.

A spokesman at Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital said it received three patients from the incident. The spokesman, Brent Andrew, chief communication officer, said one man, 36, was in critical condition; a woman, 32, in serious condition; and another woman, 27, in fair condition.

The police chief said the headquarters building was evacuated and detectives were making arrangements to talk to people who were witnesses to the incident.

Local TV news reports showed pictures of people leaving a building with their hands over their heads. Each person was being frisked by a police officer, apparently to make sure that they posed no threat.

This is a breaking news story. As often happens in situations like these, some information reported earlier may turn out to be inaccurate. We'll move quickly to correct the record and we'll only point to the best information we have at the time.

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