CDOT And Virgin One Debut Concept Art For DIA Hyperloop Station

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<p>Courtesy of Virgin Hyperloop One</p>
<p>Concept art for a Virgin Hyperloop One station near Denver International Airport.</p>
Photo: Hyperloop DIA Station
Concept art for a Virgin Hyperloop One station near Denver International Airport.

It sounds like science fiction -- traveling from Denver to Greeley or Colorado Springs in under 15 minutes. That vision of futuristic transit could become reality through a collaboration between the Colorado Department of Transportation and Virgin Hyperloop One.

Virgin and CDOT just unveiled a concept for a hyperloop station (which they call a "portal") near Denver International Airport. Previously, Virgin listed Cheyenne to Pueblo and DIA to Vail as possible routes.

Dan Katz, the director of North American Projects with Virgin, told Colorado Matters about the latest in hyperloop development in Colorado. Hyperloops can glide at airline speeds for long distances due to ultra-low aerodynamic drag. Virgin Hyperloop One systems would be built on columns or tunneled below ground to avoid other vehicles and wildlife.

Watch a Virgin Hyperloop One test: