The Colorado Voter’s Guide To The 2018 Election

Graphic: Election Road Trip 2018 | Colorado Highway Logo - JHill

With current Gov. John Hickenlooper term-limited, Colorado will choose another leader for the next four years on Election Day. Democratic U.S. Rep. Jared Polis and Republican state Treasurer Walker Stapleton are facing off to replace him in the biggest of the midterm races.

While many are focused on the topline matchup to replace Hickenlooper, that doesn't mean the undercards are anything to ignore — especially on the new tax front. Many municipalities and counties will be asking for money, and there's a few statewide asks too. The ballot in Colorado will have a lot for each voter to consider, it's our hope that this guide will help answer your questions.

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Where The Candidates Stand

Constitutional Amendments On The Ballot

Amendment 73 - Tax Increase For Public Education

Amendment 74 - Just Compensation For Government Takings

Amendment 75 - Raising Campaign Contribution Limits

Amendment A - Prohibition Of Slavery And Involuntary Servitude

Amendment V - Lower Age Requirement For State Legislature

Amendment W - Changes To Judicial Ballot Format

Amendment X - Industrial Hemp Definition

Amendment Y & Z - Congressional And Legislative Redistricting

Statewide Propositions On The Ballot

Proposition 109, "Fix Our Damn Roads"

Proposition 110, "Let's Go Colorado"

Proposition 111, Limits on Payday Loan Charges

Proposition 112, Setback Requirement for Oil and Gas