Pond Spins J Dilla, Grace Jones, ESG At CPR’s OpenAir

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<p>Photo: CPR&nbsp;</p>
<p>Pond and Bruce Trujillo</p>
Photo: Pond And Bruce Trujillo Guest DJ Session
Pond and Bruce Trujillo

Pond is among the many standout psychedelic rock acts that have come out of Australia in the last decade. The Perth quartet shares members with another of those groups, Tame Impala. Pond has released seven albums, the most recent of which was 2017's "The Weather."

Pond recently visited Denver to perform at Globe Hall. Before the show, band members Nick Allbrook and Jay Watson stopped by CPR's OpenAir for a Guest DJ session. They picked songs from the late hip-hop producer J Dilla, pop maverick Grace Jones and disco-punk pioneers ESG.

Allbrook and Watson also spoke with Bruce Trujillo about their forthcoming new album, seeing Grace Jones live and what it means for music to "slap." Read interview highlights below.

Guitarist and singer Nick Albrook on the eclectic sound of Lost Animal's 'Lose The Baby':

"The only way modern musicians can hope to be original is having such a kaleidoscope of influences that you can't even tell what it is."

Drummer Jay Watson on the music of the late J Dilla:

"He's really good at taking a small bit from a song and making something even more emotive than the original song was. I've also discovered a lot of cool old music from listening to his records and finding what the samples are from.

"I wish I had discovered him when I was 15, 16. I'd be a lot more progressed in my internal library."

Listen to a Spotify playlist of Pond's Guest DJ selections below.