CPR News 2018 Holiday Program Guide


Holiday_CPRNewsGuideInclude Colorado Public Radio in your holiday traditions with music and stories that fit the season. CPR News offers a little something for everyone this December.

Explore what’s on tap for the holidays below:

Monday, Dec. 310 a.m. & 7 p.m.Hanukkah Lights 2018: A perennial NPR favorite with all new Hanukkah stories. Hosted by Susan Stamberg and Murray Horwitz.
Friday, Dec. 1410 a.m. & 7 p.m.Colorado Matters Holiday Extravaganza 2018: A holiday special of music, storytelling and comedy from Colorado Matters--harkening back to vintage TV and radio specials.
Saturday, Dec. 224 p.m.Colorado Matters Holiday Extravaganza 2016 Encore: Revisit the 2016 live holiday special, featuring Grammy Award-winning jazz vocalist Dianne Reeves and rising country star Clare Dunn.
 5 p.m.Colorado Matters Holiday Extravaganza 2018 (Repeat)
Sunday, Dec. 2310 a.m.Colorado Matters Holiday Extravaganza 2017 Encore: Revisit the 2017 live holiday special, featuring performances by local artists Isaac Slade, Jayme Stone, Danette Hollowell and more.
 11 a.m.Colorado Matters Holiday Extravaganza 2018 (Repeat)
Monday, Dec. 2410 a.m. & 9 p.m.Tinsel Tales 3: An hour-long NPR special hosted by Lynn Neary featuring a collection of extraordinary Christmas stories.
 11 a.m. & 10 p.m.Tinsel Tales 4: Even more NPR Christmas favorites, but this show features interviews with musicians about their Christmas albums.
 7 p.m.Tinsel Tales: The first of four NPR holiday specials, featuring memorable stories from broadcast archives.
 8 p.m.Tinsel Tales 2: Continuing with the tradition, this is another collection of the best and most requested holiday stories.
Tuesday, Dec. 2510 a.m. & 7 p.m.Colorado Matters Holiday Extravaganza 2018 (Repeat)