Watch: ‘OpenAir Live & Local’ Spotlights The Colorado Springs Music Scene

<p>(Photo: CPR)</p>
<p>Spirettes perform at the Tim Gill Center For Public Media in Colorado Springs.</p>

"OpenAir Live & Local" is now in its fifth season on Colorado Public Television (CPT12). We took the series on the road to Colorado Springs for the third episode of season five.

Filmed at the Tim Gill Center For Public Media, the episode includes performances by Colorado Springs artists Seal Eggs, Grant Sabin and Spirettes. It also features an interview with local music writer Heather Powell Browne, who helped curate the performances.

Episode 3 of Season 5, hosted by Alisha Sweeney, includes:

  • Seal Eggs: "One Day"
  • Grant Sabin: "Walking Home"
  • Spirettes: "Record"

“OpenAir Live & Local” airs Saturdays at 9:30 p.m. on CPT12. Check out the full schedule for season five, which runs through April 2019.

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