CU Says It’s Banned The Woman Who Launched A Racist Tirade Against Students

The University of Colorado campus in Boulder.

CU police say they’ve banned from campus the woman suspected of using racist language while arguing with black students at CU’s engineering school.

This week, the campus’ police department identified her as 33-year-old Rebekah Krajacic. Police say she was the one who was seen on social media Sunday yelling racial slurs at black students.

Krajacic is not a student at CU and is not otherwise affiliated with the university. CU police said they found her camping on campus last month in violation of school policy. Scott Pribble, a CU police spokesperson, said Krajacic was not given a trespassing citation at the time, but was given a warning and asked to leave. Regardless, Pribble said the school is allowed to ban her from all CU property — despite it being a public place — because of a state law on harassment.

Colorado Revised Statute 18.9.111 states that a person committed harassment if “In a public place directs obscene language or makes an obscene gesture to or at another person.”

If she’s found on campus, CU police said she will be cited for trespassing and possibly arrested.

Officials have also said the department has received reports from other people on campus who’ve had negative interactions with her.

On Wednesday, CU Boulder officials reached an agreement with student leaders on how to address the racist incident, which happened Sunday.

“We had a productive meeting and reached agreement on a path forward,”

Chancellor Philip DiStefano said in a release.

Administrators and students agreed to post fliers of Krajacic in places around campus.

The Black Student Alliance, with support from the CU Student Government issued demands asking campus leadership officials to address existing policies and amend them, enhance awareness, and add trainings related to discrimination, harassment, and racism at CU Boulder.

DiStefano and other leadership said they will organize follow-up meetings with student leaders to plan better trainings and reporting practices for racist incidents.