There’s Snow Outside, But Nothing You Can’t Handle Colorado. You Got This

Jim Hill/CPR News
Shovel crews works to clear the snow at the RTD 38th and Blake commuter rail station ahead of rush hour, Feb. 4, 2020.

Yesterday was plenty cold — especially after very warm, very nice Super Bowl Sunday — but the good news is that the snow won't be hanging around much longer.

How motivated you'll be to get out into the cold is another story.

"Probably not going to see much more snow today in the Denver metro area, maybe up to an inch, but temperatures are going to be pretty cold," said National Weather Service forecaster Jim Kalina. "We're looking at a high of 17 only."

There will be some wind as well, which is why you should definitely bundle up. Don't disappoint your mother on this today.

The powers that be over at the Department of Transportation also want you to be careful on the roads. Yesterday's cold means roads are slick and driving conditions can be a bit of a hazard, especially in the foothills and on bridges and ramps. As per the usual, plan on longer commute times and slower speeds.

RTD commuters should also check up on their ride as there are delays this morning.

Oh, and I know this by some experience this morning — take it easy on those sidewalks too. Upon closer inspection, after my feet left me, it has been determined that the sidewalks are as slippery as the roads.

By the time the evening commute rolls around it may be a better drive home, but you should still be wary.

"Things should be improving as the snow should be tapering off," Kalina said. "Still, roads could be a little slick, but it should be getting a little bit better."