Local Musicians Just Keep On Making Music

Credit joe johnson facebook

Local musicians are proving that the music doesn't need to die with the social distancing rules that we are facing. Here are just a few of the local artists whose creative spirits are still thriving in the seclusion of their homes.

Inaiah Lujan performed a 'Virtual Concert' that permiered March 21st on YouTube. This one-of-a-kind online viewing experience will act as the Release Show for his 'Do What You Want EP.' that is available on compact disc (CD includes 4 bonus tracks), digital download (iTunes, Amazon etc.) and streaming (Spotify, Apple Music etc.)

You can also see the creative habitat of local alt country musician Joe Johnson and some music he uploaded to YouTube April 19th. Joe is busking regularly on his Facebook page with his Happy Hour from The Home Base Live Stream Concert Series, and you can throw a tip in his guitar case there if you are willing and able ....

Mother-daughter duo Sarah and Miette Hope (of Edith Makes a Paperchain) bring it home with a poignant cover of Tears for Fears' Mad World for the KRCC community....

Ryan Flores may be quarantined, but you'll see that doesn't stop his music production and the reciting of his poetry, (April is National Poetry Month after all). You can find Ryan  setting up his stage regularly on Facebook, so be sure and look for  him there when you need some song.