Video: Gov. Polis Announces Closure Of Bars In June 30 Coronavirus Update

Updated 3:40 p.m.

Gov. Jared Polis has ordered bars and nightclubs to close again for fear of spreading the coronavirus. He said the establishments have been linked to outbreaks in neighboring states like Texas and Arizona and he doesn't want that to happen here.

"Colorado is currently a positive outlier," Polis said. "We want to keep it that way, so we can continue reopening rather than being forced backwards at great economic costs and yes great costs in human life."

Polis said bars can still sell drinks to go. And bars that serve food will be allowed to stay open.

At a press conference last week, state epidemiologist Rachel Herlihy said Colorado was "at a place that's a bit tenuous." The state was not seeing the same resurgence in cases that appeared in many other Western states.

Note: The governor's briefings don't always start right on time.