Video: Judge Amy Coney Barrett Supreme Court Confirmation Hearings, Day 4

Updated 12:21 p.m.

The Senate Judiciary Committee has set an Oct. 22 vote on recommending approval of Amy Coney Barrett's Supreme Court nomination. Republicans are racing to confirm President Donald Trump’s pick, and Democrats are acknowledging there is little they can do stop them. Her confirmation would lock in a conservative majority on the court for years to come.

The confirmation hearings concluded Thursday without Barrett after she testified publicly for two days. In her Senate testimony, Barrett stressed that she would be her own judge, beholden neither to Trump nor anyone else, and sought to create distance between herself and past positions.

Health care again played a starring role in Barrett’s confirmation hearing before the Senate Judiciary Committee as Democrats sought to highlight an issue they want voters to consider on Election Day. During Wednesday’s hearing, Barrett maintained her view that it would be inappropriate to comment on the national health care law or other cases that may come before her as a justice. In that vein, she declined to say whether a president can pardon himself.

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