All The Choice Colorado Dogs (And Cats And Chickens) Playing In The Snow That You Could Ever Want

Dogs in snow!
Joe Wertz/CPR News
A woman flinging snowballs at her dogs at Mayfair Park in Denver, Feb. 25, 2021.

When the snow comes down in Colorado, you can expect a flurry of very specific activity on social media to follow.

The impressive snowfall in the Denver metro from Wednesday evening into the next morning was no exception.

You got your usual photos of flakes perfectly piled up on patio furniture, your screenshots of the weather app with the ? ❄️ ☃️ emojis and your unshoveled sidewalk shaming.

But the best snow day social media, the crème de la crème, the gold standard, is of course none other than Dogs In The Snow. They goof off, they hop, they frolic. They are, simply, having a great time.

So, without further ado, here's a collection of pups and other animal friends enjoying all that snow.

Nothing better than running through a field of pristine snow in the morning.

Who doesn't love a good one-dog racetrack?

So good, you just have to jump.

Oh yeah, that's some good frolicking.

You can even have a snowball fight!


The tiny snow plow has arrived.

This tiny dog even had a tiny dandy snowsuit.

And in the looking good in doggles category:

Just like human transplants, some dogs new to Colorado were a little suspicious of the white stuff.

Feathered friends frolicked, too.

Snow days have been known to cause a case of the zoomies.

A natural snow dog in their element.


This dog has thoughts on your shoveling abilities.

No words. Too cute.

Strong scarf and antler game.

And the best photo that is obviously synced to the theme from "The Greatest American Hero."

Cats got in on the fun too.

These two are working on their communication skills, wish them luck.

And when you're done frolicking? All the snacks are right there.

Got some footage of your animals enjoying Thursday's snow? We'd like to see it. For very official public radio reasons. Reply to this tweet. ?