Stormy Colorado Weather Could Be On The Horizon, But Probably No More Tornadoes

Matt Morris/Wellington Fire Protection District via AP
A twister touches down July 5, 2018 in Park County, south of Fairplay.

After an especially breezy weekend on Colorado’s Eastern Plains, the wind has died down and the sun has risen. 

The National Weather Service recorded 15 tornadoes over the weekend, according to NWS Boulder meteorologist Kari Bowen. She said the severe weather formed because of a perfect mix of “ingredients” — in this case, a collision of warm and cold air — which is not unusual in Colorado at this time of year.

But those conditions have passed. 

“A lot of that stuff has moved off and transitioned eastward. We are under a little bit dryer of a pattern right now. So we're going to see mostly dry conditions today,” Bowen said.

As of Monday morning, there have been no reports of damage or injuries from the storms. 

The weather is set to be sunny and warm for the next several days. However, the NWS is predicting some strong or severe thunderstorms across the Eastern Plains and the Denver metro area.

“It will be drier on Thursday and Friday, before an increase in showers and storms is expected through the holiday weekend,” a hazardous weather outlook said.

According to the NWS, if storms do develop, “large hails and damaging winds would be the main threat.” Coloradans are encouraged to report any severe weather to their local meteorologists.