Multi-media arts space launches new gallery with opera performance

· Oct. 18, 2021, 1:17 pm
The BRDG Project at 16th and Platte Streets. Oct. 7, 2021.The BRDG Project at 16th and Platte Streets. Oct. 7, 2021.Kevin J. Beaty/Denverite
The BRDG Project commissioned "Interplay – Art + Opera," which runs through October 28.

October 8 -- October 28, The BRDG Project is a genre-traversing, gallery-turned-venue formed by artists and modern-day impresarios Michael Dowling and Brett Matarazzo. Nestled in the Highlands, it's part-museum, part-studio, and now a setting for "Interplay – Art + Opera," curated by Dowling, Matarazzo and opera singer Leah Podzimek.

"The show exists as a sort of feedback loop between the mediums, with the idea that each constantly informs and recontextualizes the other," shares Denverite's Maggie Donahue. "Interplay" premiered Oct. 8 and announces a second performance on Oct. 28 with over thirty visual artists represented and a mix of classical and contemporary music.

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