CPR News and KRCC staff read ‘The Raven’ by Edgar Allan Poe

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Kevin J. Beaty/CPR News
Some CPR News and KRCC staff collaborated on a reading of Edgar Allan Poe’s classic poem “The Raven” for Halloween.

Holidays mean traditions, and we have decided to try a new one in the spirit of Halloween. Inspired by an idea from our Morning Edition host Mike Lamp, some CPR News and KRCC staff collaborated on a reading of "The Raven" by Edgar Allan Poe. First published in 1845, the poem is now considered a classic, with its distinct darkness drenched in loss, grief and the supernatural.

And now for Halloween, 18 of our hosts, reporters, editors and other colleagues bring you their takes on "The Raven." May it bring you smiles and some spooks. In order of appearance:

1. Mike Lamp; Morning Edition Host, CPR News 
2. Andrew Villegas; Arts & Region Editor, CPR News 
3. Michael Elizabeth Sakas; Climate & Environment Reporter, CPR News 
4. Paolo Zialcita; GA Reporter, CPR News
5. Abigail Beckman; Morning Edition Host, KRCC
6. Andrea Chalfin; Managing Editor, KRCC
7. Ryan Warner; Colorado Matters Host, CPR News
8. John Daley; Health Reporter, CPR News
9. May Ortega; Midday Host, CPR News
10. Matt Moret; Morning Editor, CPR News
11. Dan Boyce; Southern Colorado Reporter, CPR News
12. Patrice Mondragon; Board Op & Producer, CPR News
13. Stina Sieg; Western Slope Reporter, CPR News
14. Shanna Lewis; Growth & GA Reporter, KRCC
15. Joe Wertz; Climate Editor, CPR News
16. Megan Verlee; Public Affairs Editor, CPR News
17. Monica Castillo; Arts & Culture Reporter, CPR News
18. Hayley Sanchez; Host & Editor, CPR News

Watch the video below, if you dare. 

Happy Halloween!

Sound design and mixing by Justin Peacock, with production and editing by Corey H. Jones, and contributions from engineer Shane Rumsey and producer Jon Pinnow.