Lakewood police officer injured in Monday’s mass shooting is identified

Lakewood Police Officer Ashley Ferris shot and killed the suspect during Monday night’s mass shooting

Monday's mass shooting, that led to the murder of 5 people, involved several violent exchanges between Denver and Lakewood police and the shooter as they pursued him by car and later on foot. The suspect shot at a Denver police car, disabling it before fleeing into Lakewood where he terrorized the Belmar shopping center.

According to police, the shooter got into a gunfight with Lakewood Police officer Ashley Ferris at Alaska and Vance. The suspect shot Ferris in the abdomen. However, Ferris was able to shoot and hit the suspect as he fled the scene. That shot led to his eventual death moments later.

Ferris, who was wearing a bulletproof vest, was rushed to the hospital and admitted into surgery. As of Wednesday, she is "doing well" and with family, according to Lakewood Police. More surgeries are needed, but she is expected to survive.

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