Mozart’s childhood was filled with friends and family fun

Mozart grew up in Salzburg, but over a third of his adolescence was spent traveling Europe showing off his extraordinary keyboard skills and learning from other composers and musicians. We know a lot about those travels because of the letters sent home to Salzburg. But when the family was home in Salzburg, information about their daily life is a little scarce because of the lack of correspondence.

Thankfully, a family friend kept a detailed diary that gives a glimpse into Wolfgang's childhood. Joachim Ferdinand von Schiedenhofen's diaries mention the Mozarts over 80 times, including 70 visits the Mozarts made to the Schiedenhofen country estate in Bavaria.

In this episode of Mozart Snapshots, Colorado pianist Katie Mahan takes us on an excursion to Schloss Triebenbach, the idyllic home of the Schiedenhofens, where the Mozarts regularly came to make music, play Bölzlschiessen (air darts) and enjoy good times with friends.

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