Train derails in Loveland, spilling ‘hundreds of gallons’ of fuel

A Great Western Railway train derailed early Wednesday morning in Loveland. 

Loveland Fire Rescue Authority officials said the train derailed near the 900 block of Madison Avenue while driving over a switch, which allows trains to move from one track to another. According to the fire department, the train did not tip over, however, a fuel tank was punctured in the process, which led to “hundreds of gallons of diesel fuel” spilling out. 

The fuel has since been contained and did not contaminate any waterways, officials said. No injuries were reported.

Great Western Railway is sending a HazMat crew to clean up the fuel and will also send another locomotive to get the derailed train back on the tracks. 

This is the second train derailment this year. In late January, an Amtrak train on the California Zephyr route derailed after hitting a truck. Only minor injuries were reported in the incident.

Train accidents and derailments have trended down over the decades, data from the Federal Railroad Administration show. Colorado averaged about 56 accidents and 37 derailments per year from 1975 to 2003. The state reported 39 accidents and 28 derailments in 2023, the data show.

Joe Wertz, climate and transportation editor, contributed reporting.