Greeley issues local disaster declaration as storm-related damages estimated at more than $1.45 million

Courtesy of City of Greeley.
Greeley officials estimate more than $1.45 million in damages following a storm on Thursday, May 30, 2024 that caused flooding and large amounts of hail. Asa result, its mayor signed a local disaster declaration.

Greeley’s mayor signed a local disaster declaration following a severe storm earlier this week that caused more than $1.45 million in damages, city officials announced Friday.

The declaration signed by Mayor John Gates is considered a “crucial step in our response” the officials stated, allowing the city to “work interjurisdictionally in our recovery efforts” and activate Greeley’s eligibility for state and federal assistance programs. 

Officials said the severe weather event caused extensive flooding and large amounts of hail that led to damage across the city’s downtown and east Greeley.

“In the wake of the storm, city staff have been working tirelessly to clean and clear city streets, assess damage, and provide necessary support to those impacted,” officials stated.

The city estimates damages totaling more than $1.45 million as of May 30, though that estimation is in the early stages of reporting. 

Businesses and residents are asked to continue to report damages so the city of Greeley and Weld County can receive accurate data and understand the full impact of the storm. 

Reports, which are not intended for insurance claims, can be made here.

The declaration will also go before the Greeley City Council on Tuesday, June 4 to extend the disaster declaration by resolution, officials said.