The Local 303: Colorado artists we’re featuring for June 2024

Happy Pride Month! We are dedicating June to an all-LGBTQ+ lineup for this month's Local 303. From Americana to jazz, tune in for some great new songs from our incredible music community.

Returning to the Local 303, native Coloradoan and electronic producer Machu Linea who collaborates with a refreshing variety of exciting local artists; plus the latest track by pop singer Grace DeVine who enlisted Jeff Cormack of South of France on her upcoming album. Denver's Jen Korte records as Lady Gang; for the last six months she has held a music residency in the US Virgin Islands, and her Colorado homecoming this month includes a new album and performance at our Local 303 Meetup.

Jazz ensemble DOGTAGS will make its debut this month; so will experimental act Mr. Knobs; Yugs, whose newest song mixes indie and bossanova; and Sam Bosch, who describes their music as "lesbian satanic acoustic punk."

We will also feature songs by folk musicians Chase Cavanaugh and Sophia Eliana, the latest Americana releases by Brianna Straut and Britt Devens, and country artist Amy Martin who has also found support through her “Country Music Made Me Gay” merch.

In these artists' profiles, they share their queer anthems, what Pride means to them, and the feeling of connecting with fans and other artists from the LGBTQ+ community.

As you hear our Local 303 artists on Indie 102.3 all month long, we'd love for you come meet some of them in person! Our monthly Local 303 Meetup celebrates our featured artists and our entire music community. Take part in our music meeting where you get to vote on new local songs, enter for a chance to win concert tickets, and see a special live performance by Lady Gang. The meetup takes place on Monday, June 24 from 6:30 to 9 p.m. at Hi-Dive, located at 7 S. Broadway in Denver. This event is open to everyone 21+ with free admission.

Thanks to Stuart Alden of Ink Lounge, who designs a limited edition screen printed poster for each meetup; only 50 are printed and available by donation. Also thanks to Mintz Law Firm who sponsors the Local 303, and Local 303 Meetup sponsor Mijenta sustainably sourced tequila.

Got plans for Pride month? See the concert listings for this month's featured artists below, plus more events on our concert calendar, other events listed visit our digital publication Denverite, or if you're in Colorado Springs check out our KRCC Community Calendar.

Are you a Colorado musician who wants to be featured in the Local 303? Send us your music!

Amy Martin

Musician Amy Martin poses with acoustic guitar.
Photo: Kyla Fear Photography

Band Lineup: Amy Martin (she/her) - vocals, guitar, piano

Colorado Home: Denver

Formed: After fronting an Alternative Bluegrass band for nearly a decade, Amy Martin took a leap into the start of her solo career in 2020 through the release of her self-titled EP. 

Latest Release: Travelin' On (Album), January 6th 2023, Self-Released. Produced by Grammy Award Winning Artist, Chance McCoy (form. Old Crow Medicine Show). 

Upcoming Shows: All upcoming dates for 2024 are listed at

June specifically-
June 1st - Cherry Creek North Concert Series, Fillmore Plaza | Denver CO
June 2nd - Havana Street Pride Fest | Stampede | Aurora CO
June 15th - Women Who Rock the Rockies | Parker CO
June 20th - Lady Justice Brewing | Englewood CO
June 21st - Skylark Lounge | Pride Showcase | Denver CO
June 29th - Chicago Pride Back Lot Bash | Chicago IL

About: Originally from Harrisonburg, Virginia, Amy Martin spent years fronting an Alternative Bluegrass band where her voice bridged the gap between string band & soul. In 2021, Martin relocated to Denver, Colorado and has gained notice in the Americana genre through the release of her crowdfunded solo album, Travelin On’, produced by Grammy Award Winning Artist, Chance McCoy (form. Old Crow Medicine Show). Amy Martin is known for her powerhouse vocals, stage presence & representation in the LQBTQ+ Americana/Country sphere.

Happy Pride month! What does Pride mean to you? Pride month to me means representation. My queerness ties directly to my music in that I believe everyone has the right to pursue a higher power, start a family, make records, play venues, have their tunes played on the radio, etc. I am dedicated to using my voice as a queer woman within the Americana genre to tell my story & lift up the countless other voices I've journeyed with.

How does it feel when other queer artists or fans relate to your music? It reminds me that I'm not alone -- it's easy to get stuck in the universe that lives between my ears. I make the music for me but once I release it's no longer mine & I'm always delighted to hear that my songs meet folks where they are too. It's a transformational loop. 

What's your queer anthem? I wrote a song called "Antebellum Town" that's on my latest album -- it's really just about being fed up with living in the South & all the implications of that. I never thought of it as a queer anthem but every time I play it live, a queer person comes up to me to tell me their story about their hometown and how cathartic that song is for them. 

Any upcoming plans to share or behind the scenes work you're excited to tell us about: I have a collection of songs that I'm working on that specifically deal with areas of unresolved grief. I'm at the beginning stages of laying the scratch tracks & discerning what I want it to look/feel like from a production perspective -- each song lands at a different intersection of the Americana genre and I'm really stoked to get these tunes out in the world. 


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Brianna Straut

Brianna Straut singing and playing acoustic guitar as she performs with her band at Skylark on May 17, 2024.
Nikki A. Rae Photography
Photo: Nikki A. Rae

Band Lineup: Brianna Straut  (she/her), Jonah Wisneski (he/him), Nicholas Golder (he/him) - Often Rotating Players

Colorado Home: Denver

Formed: 2017

Latest Release: LA MANO PT 2 - release date 5/17/24, EP, Self Released under “Black Dog Records”

Upcoming Shows:
6/7 - Stranahans 5-7pm
6/29 - Evening’s Al Fresco Botanic Gardens

About: Brianna Straut is an Queer Americana, Singer-Songwriter from Denver, Colorado by way of Texas. She tells stories about her songs including times in Texas, losing friends too soon and reminiscing about the good times. Critics have swooned saying "If you have even one romantic nerve in your body, you will fall head over heels." Her songs dig deep into those Texas roots through a lens of religious trauma.

Happy Pride month! What does Pride mean to you? I’m a Queer Americana artist that writes songs through the lens of religious trauma. I grew up in East Texas as a “Jew For Jesus” in a Southern Baptist Church. I was outed by my parents when they read my journal and I was added to every prayer group list. In the beginning, I didn’t have the support I needed and it took me a long time to realize that gay was okay. It was a long hard journey but I got through it with the help of good friends and a community that gave me the support I needed. To me, “Pride”, means being out and proud so that other people struggling can know they’re not alone. Attending Denver Pride events is important to me because we’re surrounded by so many conservative states. It’s especially important right now because of all the anti LGBTQIA+ legislation that’s been introduced over the last 4 years. How we choose to spend our money and give our support is more important than ever. I’m so grateful to live  in Colorado surrounded by a community where I feel supported. 

How does it feel when other queer artists or fans relate to your music? I tour in Texas a lot and love when people come up to me to tell me their stories. It’s often their stories or about someone they know. It’s pretty emotional hearing about how much they’ve struggled to find acceptance. Being able to give them a platform to be seen and relate gives me so much joy and lets me know my songs are important. 

What's your queer anthem? I need to write a queer anthem! I’ve got a song called Righteous Livin, that shines a light on the hypocrisy of organized religion. Everyone has a “Jesus” that is the “right” kind of Jesus. 

I heard the song, Girl In Red - Too Much, right after a therapy session where I was talking about how I was talking about my struggle with being seen as “too much” by my family at times. How I’m always working on being okay with just being me. So right now, this is my queer anthem.  

Any upcoming plans to share or behind the scenes work you're excited to tell us about: La Mano Pt 2 was recently released. I’m working on closing out my "La Mano" series that features the hands of my community. La Mano Pt 3 is in the works to be recorded this year and released in 2025. I’m excited to finish this series and start working on more new music. 


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Britt Devens

Britt Devens poses outdoors for artist photo with arms folded looking out at nature.
Photo: Trevor Huster

Band Lineup:

Britt Devens she/her (acoustic guitar/vocals)
Teo Vanovski he/him (drums)
Emily Winter she/her (violin)
Max Hass he/him (bass)
Ben Waligoske he/him (pedal steel)
William Faulkner he/him (electric guitar)

Colorado Home: Denver!

Formed: Summer 2021

Latest Release: "Here I Go Again" LP Aug 2023 - Self Released/Produced / Co Produced by Ben Pisano

Upcoming Shows: HCO Annual Pride Party @ NUMBER 38 Sat June 22nd at 4pm - Outdoor Stage

About: Britt Devens is a sober, queer musician who writes songs about hope, heartbreak, and recovery. A native of Fort Collins, CO, Britt uses her music to explore the vulnerabilities of her own experiences in life and to remind her audience of the importance of self-care. Championing a message of taking care of yourself - both mentally and physically - Britt’s music is for people who can relate to a struggle but still continue to have hope for a brighter day.

Happy Pride month! What does Pride mean to you? Pride means visibility to me. It means inclusivity and feeling accepted and seen in a world that has made it difficult to always feel that way. To connect and share with those who can truly understand your struggles, experiences and triumphs! Although our experiences may not be entirely the same, they are intertwined and definitely bring us closer and make us stronger as a community. It also means that love wins. No matter what your gender or sexual orientation might be. Love is love. It is a beautiful thing to see all humans celebrating love.

How does it feel when other queer artists or fans relate to your music? It is the best feeling ever! It’s challenging in a heteronormative society to feel really heard but I am extremely grateful for Colorado’s LGBTQ+ representation within the music community and I think it’s only going to keep getting better.

What's your queer anthem?
Fletcher - “Better Version” or Tracy Chapman - "Fast Car”

Any upcoming plans to share or behind the scenes work you're excited to tell us about:
I was selected as a Sonic Guild Grantee for 2023 and I will be using that grant money eventually to record another EP, but no dates are on the calendar yet. I am booking more intentional shows and but I am taking it slow this year. Continuing to learn how to balance a music career with a full time job/social life. Also doing some intentional personal healing which will likely spark some new songs.


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Chase Cavanaugh

Chase Cavanaugh stands outside a music venue posing with a blue electric guitar.
Taras Photographer PHOTO OHIO IN
Photo: Savannah Yturria

Colorado Home: Denver

Formed: 2021

Latest Release: "Cemeteries at Sundown" (Single), April 26th 2024, Self-Released produced by The Spot Studios in Evergreen, CO. "black coffee" (Single), February 22nd, 2024 Self-Released produced by Sam Bosch.

Upcoming Shows: 
Sunday June 2nd Havana Street Pride at the Stampede in Aurora 12-5pm
Friday June 7th Goosetown Tavern 9pm
Friday June 14th Y2K Queeraoke at TownHall Collaborative 8pm to midnight- a Missfitts Entertainment event
Sunday June 16th solo acoustic set at DV8 Distillery 3-5pm in Boulder, CO.
Friday June 21st OUTLOUD Pride Music showcase at Skylark Lounge, 8pm

About: Based in Denver, CO Chase Cavanaugh is a transgender indie folk rock singer-songwriter. Originally from upstate New York, where he had been performing since he was thirteen years old, Chase carefully crafts warm melodies with heartfelt lyrics that are deeply personal to his life experiences. 

Chase had an extensive music career in pop country during his teen years, playing major country festivals, recording a full length album, and sharing the bill with artists like Sheryl Crow. Moving out of Upstate New York, Chase went on to study at Berklee College of Music. Following graduation Chase became a music therapist utilizing music as a tool to help others. Through gender transition and life experience, he found himself itching to be a performer again. A natural storyteller and performer, his music connects others to reflect a little deeper in their journeys of the soul. Chase is influenced by songwriters Alanis Morissette, Evan Stephens Hall, Rob Thomas, Noah Kahan, Phoebe Bridgers, and Taylor Swift.

Happy Pride month! What does Pride mean to you? To me Pride means celebrating the joy and uniqueness of our individuality. Often people grow up being ashamed of their differences and to me Pride is the opportunity to rewrite that narrative and embrace and uplift what makes us different. I feel so much joy and gratitude to be who I am today, but it took a while to get there. Pride always me to celebrate that and show folks who may be in a rougher patch that there is so much hope and beauty in being who you are. 

How does it feel when other queer artists or fans relate to your music? Truly there are fewer incredible feelings than when another queer artist or fan relates to and enjoys my music. It is such an affirmation for me to continue to create and connect through music. The connections made with fans and other musicians fills me with so much purpose.

What's your queer anthem? Right now I’m absolutely indulgent in Chappell Roan’s album The Rise and Fall of a Midwest Princess. The entire album is a queer anthem, right now "After Midnight" is my jam. 

Any upcoming plans to share or behind the scenes work you're excited to tell us about: I am just stoked for all of the amazing Pride shows coming up and the opportunity to connect with new people. I have quite a few songs I’m hoping to record this summer so stay on the look out. Thank you for having me as an Indie 102.3 artist, making this my best PRIDE yet!


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DOGTAGS press photo posing on a colorful ladder at a playground with all the band members at different heights.
Photo: Jackson Davis

Band Lineup:
Michael Merola, lead guitar, he/they
Regi Worles, lead vocals, they/he
Heather Hunt, guitar, she/her
Gavin Susalski, trumpet, he/him
Aaron Dooley, bass, he/him
Aaron Marfizo, keys, he/him
Kelsey Hodge, background vocals, she/her
RJ Cox, drums, he/him
Micah Cheng, cello, he/him

Colorado Home: Denver <3

Formed: We formed in 2021 in a hot, second story bedroom under the jingling of our dog Rory’s dog tags.

Latest Release: “Sumn’ Bout Roses,” (Single), February 13, 2024, Self-Released - "Keepsake," (Single) June 21, 2024.

Upcoming Shows: 
ENDLESS SUNSHINE - Saturday June 29th • Civic Center Park, Denver • 3:00pm sharp!
CROSSCURRENTS FEST - Saturday July 13th • Confluence Park, Denver • 2-10 pm
UMS - Friday July 26th - Saturday July 28th • South Broadway, Denver

About: DOGTAGS is a queer soul/jazz collective based out of Denver, CO. Built around the real-life romantic relationship of founders Regi Worles and Michael Merola, DOGTAGS embodies friendship, community & acceptance through their vibrantly evocative music. The group exists as an ever-changing array of collaborators and friends who join Worles and Merola, making every DOGTAGS gig, a case of the “you just had to be there,” only intensified by the group’s formidable musicianship and, Worles’ ravenous falsetto. DOGTAGS much-anticipated debut project is set to be released soon, a neo-soul, jazz, r&b, & post-pop collection that serves as a proper introduction from the newest dogs on the scene.

Happy Pride month! What does Pride mean to you?
For way too long, our music didn’t get made because we had to hide pieces of ourselves just to get by. Pride is a time of year where we can honor the magic of queerness, how it lets us author ourselves and become the drivers of our own stories. Pride is about the connections we make, whether they be lovers, friends, or family. It’s about the way that we hold space to celebrate the parts of ourselves that we felt we had to hide. It’s a time of year where we intentionally tell ourselves that it's okay to revel in our identities, that it's okay to explore, that it’s okay to express love without fear. Plus we get to kiss each other extra hard xoxoxo. 

How does it feel when other queer artists or fans relate to your music? As the landscape of queer artists continues to develop, we will be nestled in a sweet, supportive community brought together by how we help people express, not by sound. When folks find our music and they tell us what it means to them to see us playing these love songs, these dedications to one another, it feels like we’re being seen for who we are: people who help people come together. There’s a sort of alchemy happening when we make music. We're taking this darkness, these feelings of doubt, questioning, yearning, and transforming them into feelings of love, connection, light, confidence. It feels like we’ve found that community we needed when we felt like we had to hide for all those years. 

What's your queer anthem? Regi says “Got Me Started” by Troye Sivan and Michael says “Tennessee” by Kevin Abstract and Lil Nas X.

Any upcoming plans to share or behind the scenes work you're excited to tell us about: We’ve been working on a special little song coming out this month. Can’t say it's quite a queer anthem, more like a queer ballad. We wrote this song as a nod to all the people we call our chosen family and as a promise to never let the doubt win over the love we have for them and it’s called “Keepsake” :) - Out June 21 and we’re playing a whole summer of shows! 


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Grace DeVine

Grace DeVine poses laying down on her stomach with a pink vintage rotary phone pretending to talk.
Photo: Kaitilin McMullen

Band Lineup: Grace DeVine (she/they).

For the live band- Gregory Laut (he/him) keys, synths, guitar, Kyle Loeffler (he/him) Bass, Forrest Raup (he/him) or Evan Lei (they/them) on drums.

Colorado Home: Denver

Formed: 2020

Latest Release: "Call Me, Crazy!". The 3rd single from upcoming EP "Blabble" coming in early August! 

Upcoming Shows: 
6/21 at Ophelia's. Pride Party Fundraiser for local LGBTQ+ nonprofit, The Dru Project. 

About: Hailing from the vibrant city of Miami, Florida, and now a proud Denver resident, Grace DeVine is a visionary pop artist who effortlessly fuses the scintillating sounds of disco, pop, and indie music into a captivating sonic experience. Her musical mission is clear: to create songs that comment on the ridiculousness of life itself. Drawing inspiration from the silly little woes of 21st century girlhood, Grace’s songs will make you laugh, cry, and sing! Keep an eye out for her upcoming singles which will lead to her 4th Ep, “Blabble” in summer 2025.

Happy Pride month! What does Pride mean to you? Pride means not just being accepted, but celebrated.

How does it feel when other queer artists or fans relate to your music?
It feels good! Like I've found some long lost siblings. 

What's your queer anthem?
"Glistening" by Grace DeVine ;)

Any upcoming plans to share or behind the scenes work you're excited to tell us about: I have been working on an EP called "Blabble" which is coming out later this summer. I've written about 40 songs for it, but only the top 6 will make it! 

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Lady Gang

Photo is a collage of six photos taken of Lady Gang with her band logo in the middle which features her name tattooed on her fingers as she hold out her fists.
Photo: Viable Pictures

Band Lineup: Lady Gang (She/Her) is a loop artist. In her live shows, she plays: Bass, Electric Guitar, Clave, Maracas, Puerto Rican Flute, and a beat machine. lead vocalist, backup vocalist Jelie is the featured MC on "No Obstacles."

Colorado Home: Denver

Formed: 2018

Latest Release: BRAVE TRAVELER (Full Length Album/ Self Released) May 30,2024

Upcoming Shows: 
OUTLoud Queer Music Showcase and Album Release Party: June 20th, 2024 (my birthday!) at Skylark Lounge, Denver Colorado 7pm

Local 303 Meetup: June 24th, 2024 at Hi-Dive, Denver, 8:10p

June 28th New Belgium Brewery, Fort Collins, CO

The Lady Gang inception was no ordinary birth. It’s what happens when a once lonely loop pedal, an electric guitar, a beat machine, and a set of pipes that have dominated the Denver music scene for 18 years, collide.

Lady Gang artfully steps outside of the familiar and moves toward the discomfort of a good idea. The artist’s risk takes listeners for a ride that demands our attention spanning across genres on what she defines as a sonic journey.  Her live performance is completely captivating as she mesmerizes her audience by creating masterful compositions by looping guitar, bass, clave, maracas, tambourine, vocals, and Peruvian flute.

Lady Gang is known to us as both a solo artist as well as a champion collaborator, is well versed in all genres of music, and played every venue you’ve heard of from Denver to the edges of Baja California Sur, Mexico to Puerto Rico to the US Virgin Islands. A career rooted in both indie rock and hiphop partnered with the influences of Mexican and Puerto Rican rhythms seems to be the only backdrop that could help make sense of Lady Gang’s calculated execution of sound that drips with originality and soul.

She has spent the last six months in a music residency in the US Virgin Islands, using the time to incubate a stellar live performance as well as recording, producing, engineering and writing her second full length album, Brave Traveler, which will be released on May 30th, 2024.
Having opened for national acts like Long Beach Dub Allstars, Ky-Mani Marley, The Pharcyde, Mac Lethal and Wax, Shamar Allen of Galactic, and Nappy Roots, Lady Gang is surely on the path to being well received across all manners of audiences.

Happy Pride month! What does Pride mean to you? I have been referred to as  an "elder" in the community and I have seen Pride and what it means to different generations evolve over the years here in Denver. Pride is a time for us all to come together and to show our Unity and to pay tribute to those who came before us and paved the way for us to be Out. The more we celebrate in the Joy of who we are, the more we heal the pain of those who suffered in pain in the past. Generational healing doesn't just refer to familial lines, we are also a part of a lineage of people who just wanted to be seen and were brave enough to step out into the light regardless of the fear and hatred thrown at them. Pride was prn as the result of a six day riot. The Pride parade began as an annual march honoring the anniversary of the Stonewall uprising in NYC.The march itself was started by a black trans woman named Marsha P. Johnson and a Latina trans woman named Syvia Rivera. May we continue to honor their legacy along with countless others who stood up against bigotry and hate and to honor those who are still working to make sure that we are included in the American Dream. Until we are all equal, none of us are equal. As the legal system moves toward archaic ways of trying to erase our existence, PRIDE, is more important than ever to show the city, the state, the world, that we exist and deserve to live a fufilling and happy life in Peace.

How does it feel when other queer artists or fans relate to your music? To be honest, when you live in a city like Denver, where queerness is celebrated and many queer spaces exist, you forget how important visibility remains. I forgot about the importance of representation until I placed myself in St Thomas, USVI, and began my weekly music residency. There are no queer bars on the island and they only just began having their own Pride here about two years ago. Being the only very open, gay artist here, has meant a lot to the community and my residency has become a gathering space for local queer community to come and be together. I use my platform every week to be "proudly out." It has been a beautiful reflection for me when the small queer community tells me how much it means to them that I am here and that by not being afraid to be who I am inspires them to be out more. In turn, that inspires me to find ways to keep building community and to hold gratitude for the role I have in the Denver community and for the large amount of people who exist in it and support it. 

What's your queer anthem?
My Queer Anthem is "GAYAF" by Lady Gang - a snappy little ditty I wrote for Pride during Covid. I also love "Mas Y Mas" by Reyna Tropical.

Any upcoming plans to share or behind the scenes work you're excited to tell us about: About 4 years ago, Sarah Slaton and I inherited Hip Chicks Out, an LGBTQ+  legacy organization that has been alive in Denver for more than 20 years. It began as a group of lesbians that met up every second Friday of the month to explore the city. It was a safe way of creating visibility for the community in straight spaces and for lesbians to explore the city together. We are honored to continue the legacy by using our skill sets as musicians and event planners to provide annual Pride events and monthly meetups. I am super excited because this year, we have also added a two day queer music showcase at Skylark Lounge, OUTLoud, June 20th and 21st. We are also excited to celebrate our 4th annual Women's Pride party at Number38 on Saturday, June 22nd. HCO will also be participating for the second year in a row with UMS, by creating a Queer music showcase.

What I have been looking forward to personally, is sharing this new album, BRAVE TRAVELER. I have spent the last two years traveling between Mexico, Puerto Rico, and St Thomas, Virgin Islands, and back again to Colorado,  exploring new aspects of my own music and myself. Not only have I written what I consider to be my best work of my career, I have also created an immersive show and film that compliments the album called "Ascension: An Ancestral Journey." I am really looking forward to sharing this album in a city I spent 18 years of my life building my career in. It is a different kind of homecoming for me, so please join us for the album release and Queer Music showcase June 20th, 2024 at Skylark Lounge. 


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Machu Linea

Photo is a headshot of Machu Linea smiling while looking away from the camera. The background features a lot of sparkling disco balls.
Photo: Otter J

Band Lineup: Armando Garibay -  Producer, DJ, Artist (Him/He)

Colorado Home: Denver

Formed: 2017

Latest Release: INVASION album released on 2/24/2024

Upcoming Shows: DJ Set of X Fest for Pride at Xbar Denver (Pride weekend)

About: Born and raised in Colorado, Machu Linea has been a producer and DJ in the Denver area for over 14 years. 

While starting in the arts in several Mexican Folkloric dance groups, Machu Linea blends Latin music with other genres such as House, Electronic, R&B, and Pop into a sound that is unique, sweaty, beat heavy, and psychedelic. 

Happy Pride month! What does Pride mean to you? Pride month to me, is a time of celebration and reflection.  Pride is celebrating the person you are, your community and looking back and acknowledging all the trailblazers that allowed us to have the freedoms we have today. It is a privilege to be able to celebrate Pride, so there is also a lot of gratitude as so many places in the world do not allow certain communities to have visibility.  Pride is celebrating queer love, art, community, resilience,  and history.  

How does it feel when other queer artists or fans relate to your music? It is a great feeling....there is something really special about having a person, especially a queer artist, relate to your music. So much of my music has been shaped by my experience as a queer person and other queer artists. 

When I think of the word "Queer," one of the first things that comes to mind is "community." Even the simple act of listening to a song can make you feel like you're not alone and there are so many others out there with similar experiences. 

So much of art and media has been shaped by queer culture and I am so grateful to be able to contribute. 

What's your queer anthem? Janet Jackson - "Together Again" 

Any upcoming plans to share or behind the scenes work you're excited to tell us about: This summer I will be releasing some Pride remixes, producing for other artists, and recording more original music. I will also be DJing a Xbar for their Pride X-Fest. 

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Mr. Knobs

Photo is of Vidushi Goyal, lead vocalist and synth player of Mr. Knobs during a live performance.
Photo: Jesus Ortiz

Band Lineup:
Vidushi Goyal (any) - Lead Vocals, Synth, Sampler, Vocoder
Sarah Hubbard (she/her) - Violin
Isaac Vance (he/him) - Bass
John Baldwin (he/him) - Drums

Colorado Home: Denver

Formed: Our project formed in September 2020.

Latest Release: 
"Follow the Trees" (Single), May 3rd, 2024, Self-Released
"Sheep" (Single), May 24th, 2024, Self-Released

Upcoming Shows: 
June 7th, 100 Nickel
June 22nd, Roots Music Project On The Rise 
June 30th, Larimer Lounge

About: Mr. Knobs is a daredevil act you can’t turn away from. A sound so big it’ll catapult you into the stratosphere, catching you on your way down in the buoyant embrace of a trapeze net. Painting with ethereal violin, primal percussion, neon synths and the whirring electronic melodies of the digisphere, the band augments electrifying vocals and dramaturgic lyrics with their unique alchemy of analog and digital sound. Strap in and get ready to dance, weep, and howl to Mr Knobs’ own mystical brand of electronic prog pop.

Happy Pride month! What does Pride mean to you?
Pride means to be open! Pride means to be free! Pride means to be unabashedly yourself regardless of what the hegemonic is. Pride opens the door for people to have radical acceptance of themselves and hopefully others. Pride to me means expression, specifically gender expression, and specifically allows me to burst out of my boxes and lets me be more comfortable with expressing my gender fluidity.

How does it feel when other queer artists or fans relate to your music?
It is an honor because queer artists and fans are what forge the trends and what pop culture is. Queer people have their fingers on the pulse of fashion, music, culture, more than any other group of people. For queer artists and fans to relate to our music feels like we are doing something right. It feels like they see us for what we are and what we are trying to do. It encourages us to write music that sings the thoughts of people we feel kinship and community with. It feels like we are not so alone, and we are able to drill through to the heart of the kind of fans and artists we want to relate to.

What's your queer anthem?
This is a tough question. I think my personal queer anthem is Venus by Lady Gaga. It makes me feel sexy and free, it is unique and quirky, and it celebrates the beauty of people as the goddess Venus. Another queer anthem that inspires me is I Got It by Charli XCX. This song features all queer artists and really sparks confidence in me. I feel like no matter what iteration of myself I am, "I Got It". I hope to forge a community like this one day where we are lifting each other up. 

Any upcoming plans to share or behind the scenes work you're excited to tell us about: We have SO much music coming out! I hope it resonates with our fans and encourages emotional expression we can encourage emotional expression through our music. We hope to have a few official music videos out soon. We are also doing a Southern California tour and we are extremely excited for this! We are playing at the Silverlake Lounge on July 10th!


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Sam Bosch

Sam Bosch posing with a peace sign while standing in an alley with a lot of graffiti holding a can spray paint hinting that they too tagged the porta potty.
Photo: Delane Thompson

Band Lineup:
Sam Bosch (they/them) - Vocals, Guitar, Piano
Chase Cavanaugh (he/they) - Bass Guitar
Dream Robbins (he/him) - Drums

Colorado Home: Denver!

In 2022, Sam Bosch released their first EP and really started seeing themself as an artist.

Latest Release:
Skinny Dipping in the Baptismal Fountain, April 19, 2024, Self-Released

Upcoming Shows:
Sam Bosch and their band will be headlining Lost Lake on Friday, July 5th. Doors are at 7pm, and music starts at 8pm. Venmo $17 to @Sam_Bosch for pre-sale tickets, or pay $20 at the door. Come out and support a local queer lineup!

About: Sam Bosch (they/them) is an indie musician and producer based in Denver, CO. Their music defies genres, but can be described as ‘lesbian satanic acoustic punk’. Sam started taking piano lessons before they knew how to read, and taught themself guitar at the age of 14. Political and satanic influences brought their recent full-length album ‘Skinny Dipping in the Baptismal Fountain’ into fruition. This 10-track album was fully self-produced, and features poetry from local queer writers. Sam Bosch was granted the opportunity to partner with Sofar Sounds and perform intimate shows in secret locations all throughout Denver. When they’re not playing Sofar Sounds shows, they love playing with their band at local music venues and curating DIY events that bring the queer community together.

Happy Pride month! What does Pride mean to you?
To be prideful means to reclaim the very thing that we have been oppressed for. Serving faggotry, and identifying as a “dyke”, if you will. It means bashing down all hatred that our community has received over the years, and filling our own cups with love and support and acceptance. It means providing family for each other, when so many of us have been banned from our own bloodline. It means showing up for each other as caretakers, when our trans community is recovering from life-saving surgeries. It means creating safe spaces for our community, where no one has to worry about “passing”, or getting the side-eye while showing affection to their partner(s).

How does it feel when other queer artists or fans relate to your music?
That’s what it’s all about, baby! I can’t say the soul-reason I write music is to connect with others, because I definitely write music as a necessity for myself. It’s a way that I can process whatever I am feeling and experiencing at the time. But when a song makes it to the stage and someone comes up to me afterwards saying how they related to my lyrics, that is definitely icing on the cake. It feels amazing to touch the lives of others in this way. I love representing the queer community while I am on stage and lifting us all up as a collective through my songs.

What's your queer anthem?
My queer anthem will always be my own song titled ‘feel u’. It’s all about reclaiming the part of ourselves that has been shamed. It’s also just sensual and celebratory.

Any upcoming plans to share or behind the scenes work you're excited to tell us about:
With lofty goals of touring and playing at festivals, there is lots of work behind the scenes. Nothing is yet set in stone, so stay tuned for more. ;)


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Sophia Eliana

Sophia Eliana poses outside of a gardening nursery that has a sign that says CLOSED behind her.
Photo: Jo Babb, styled by E Soto

Band Lineup: Sophia Eliana (she/her) - Vocals, Guitar, Co-producer

Colorado Home: Denver

Formed: 2016

Latest Release: “Pears & Honey” (Album), Feb. 9, 2024, Self-Released

Upcoming Shows: I am honored to be one of the highest-scoring auditioners selected this year for the 50th Anniversary of Denver PRIDE and will be featured on both PRIDE Saturday, June 22nd, and PRIDE Sunday, June 23rd. I could not be more excited to kick off the festivities by singing "Kissing Girls in Church Parking Lots" on the Center Stage.

You can also find a list of my upcoming shows, dance classes, and art markets on my website here:

Sophia Eliana (she/her) is a Denver-based folk musician, florist, and dancer from Monterey, California. She began her undergraduate studies as a voice principal at Berklee College of Music in Valencia, Spain. Among sheep and root vegetables, she concluded her undergraduate studies farming at College of the Atlantic on Mount Desert Island, Maine. Sophia Eliana has performed at venues ranging from Mengi (Reykjavik, Iceland), to The 1932 Criterion Theatre (Bar Harbor, ME) to The Artist bar Valencia (Valencia, Spain) to High Dive (Seattle, WA) to Neck of the Woods (San Francisco, CA). She fosters the craft of storytelling through songs that resemble overgrown meadows blossoming with wildflowers and artwork reminiscent of a warm hug from a loved one. 

Sophia Eliana’s debut album, “Pears & Honey,” is a breath of fresh air for all lovers of witty folk songs. This heartfelt collection of songs touches upon themes of queer identity, sibling nostalgia, Maine’s farming communities, and fleeting collisions with other beings’ paths. “Pears & Honey” kicks off with field recordings of spring peepers and Acadia National Park brooks, setting the tone for the ensuing track list — a set of songs dripping with saccharine vocals and lyrics that leave you feeling like you just indulged in a sweet spoonful of honey. 

Happy Pride month! What does Pride mean to you? Pride looks like falling deeply in love with the messy and magnificent unraveling of my truest self. Pride also means dusting off jeans and standing tall when a stranger misgenders me. It means crying to my mom. It means strutting down the block to get ice cream in my hot girl shoes. It means carrying my girlfriend’s lego figure across the country on my music tour and losing every possible piece - and knowing she still loves each and every piece of me. 

How does it feel when other queer artists or fans relate to your music? Having folks relate to my music feels like sunshine kissing my bare skin after taking a cold dip in a secluded river. I feel expansive and giddy inside. Sharing stories of queer love melts me into a sparkly puddle of happiness. This past Valentine’s Day, the sweetest woman reached out to share a love note she made for her partner. The heart-covered card was adorned with lyrics from my single, “Pears & Honey.” I pour so much love and care into my songs, and it warms my heart whenever people share how my music impacts their lives. It's magical and makes me feel all ooey-gooey inside.

What's your queer anthem? My cheeky song “Kissing Girls in Church Parking Lots'' is one of my all-time favorite songs to perform. This folk tune is a queer coming-of-age ballad capturing the magical spark of kissing a girl for the first time. “Kissing Girls in Church Parking Lots” is an invitation to mull over first dates, ponder the compatibility of new lovers’ astrological signs with your own, and embrace the wonder of navigating sexual identities as a young adult. 

Any upcoming plans to share or behind the scenes work you're excited to tell us about: I just wrapped up a co-headlined West Coast tour with Pascale Cheron. During our slower days in Portland, OR, we escaped to a city park to play around with some songwriting. Tomorrow, we're hopping into a studio out in Berkeley, CA to do some recording, and I'm stoked to see what musical magic will come out of that session. Stay tuned!


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Photo captures Yugs playing electric guitar onstage.
Photo: Julianna Photography (Juli Williams)

Band Lineup:
Yoni Gottlieb (he/him) - Lead Vocals, Guitar, Keys
Kyle Loeffler (he/him) - Bass Guitar
Miles Jenkins (he/him) - Drums

Colorado Home: Denver

Formed: 2019

Latest Release: “Mona” (Single), May 15, 2024, Self-Released 

Upcoming Shows: 
Friday, June 28th at Hi Dive, Denver with Yugs, Keddjra, Tonguebyte, and Sunstoney
Saturday, June 29th at Trident Cafe in Boulder, Colorado, with Phoebe Nix, Yugs, Hapless Sunday
Thursday, August 15th at Levitt Pavilion (Cine En La Colina/Film On The Hill)

About: Yugs is a Jewish, queer, Chilean American artist that produces genre-bending music to close your eyes and dance to. Hailing from Denver, Colorado, Yugs blends indie rock soundscapes, dynamic hip-hop grooves, and lighthearted but introspective lyrics to “help you see the magic that exists all around us.”

Happy Pride month! What does Pride mean to you? Pride means being able to explore my queerness without shame or needing to mask it to anyone. Pride is about loving who you are, whatever shape that takes! I’m still a baby gay-I only came out this year as pansexual-but I’m excited to take this year's pride to continue to explore who I am and what my queerness means to me with a loving community around me. 

How does it feel when other queer artists or fans relate to your music? It feels like genuine connection. I want my music to feel like a safe space for anyone who is queer - really anyone who doesn’t feel accepted by mainstream society for the way that they are. Music is the universal language of peace and acceptance and tolerance. In a world that is feeling more and more divided every day, I want my music to give people a little peace of mind and others to share it with. 

What's your queer anthem? Rain On Me by Lady Gaga & Ariana Grande is an absolute BANGER. Makes me want to do the splits every time I hear it.

Any upcoming plans to share or behind the scenes work you're excited to tell us about: I’m about halfway done with my third album, Dancing In My Room! I am set to finish recording in June after working on it for the past 3 years. It’s my most complete expression as an artist - it’s about learning to understand, love, and reinvent yourself after a breakup. It has a little bit of every genre that I love; bossa nova, indie rock, hip hop, punk, house, and more. I can’t wait to share it with the world.


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