Carla Jimenez

Former Colorado Matters Producer

Carla Jimenez was a producer for Colorado Matters from 2020-2022.

What the GOP pick for lieutenant governor could mean for down ballot candidates

GOP gubernatorial candidate and current CU regent Heidi Ganahl announced that Danny Moore as her pick for the No. 2 spot on her ticket. Danny Moore is a known election denier — views that got him booted from the chairmanship of Colorado’s Redistricting Committee last year. Political analysts Sara Hagedorn and Eric Sondermann discuss what this says about Ganahl’s candidacy, and what else this could mean for Republicans down ballot.

June 24, 2022: What the end of Roe means in Colorado

The Supreme Court has ended the federal right to abortion, but access remains legal in Colorado. Abortion opponent and columnist Krista Kafer hopes new restrictions here won’t be far off. Then, Karen Middleton of abortion rights advocacy group Cobalt, wants to add reproductive freedom to the state constitution. Later, a discussion of abortion alternatives when there’s an unintended pregnancy. Finally, Soul 2 Soul Sisters on how the ruling perpetuates what the group calls reproductive oppression.

Ballots are in the mail: What’s ahead in the June 28 primary?

Ballots are hitting the mail for the upcoming primary election. The GOP has hot races for governor and U.S. senator, and the party is sharply divided. Unaffiliated voters, who can opt to vote either a Republican or Democratic ballot, could have an influence. Analyst Eric Sondermann and CPR Public Affairs editor Megan Verlee explain the voting process and look ahead to the election.

How the first Mexican-American school desegregation case was won, lost, and found anew

A school desegregation case in Colorado was won, and nearly lost to history. In 1912, Alamosa was home to two schools, serving white and Mexican students respectively. When the child of a Hispanic family living near the white school tried to enroll there, he was denied. His family sued and won, marking the earliest recorded Mexican-American desegregation case. The story was long forgotten… until a group of historians came along.

Investing in space, science, and technological innovation in Colorado

Colorado is at the forefront of space and technological innovation. And it’s a race to keep it that way. Democratic Representatives Joe Neguse and Ed Perlmutter took members of the House Science Committee on a tour of space technology companies in Colorado last week. They say it shows why a bill now in the House called the America COMPETES Act is so important. The two spoke with Colorado Matters public affairs producer Carla Jimenez.