The Music Room with Karla Walker

A space to engage with music.

Host: Karla Walker

When: Monday-Friday at 10:30 am (the feature lasts approximately 15 minutes)

Every weekday, discover connections through music on a unifying theme. Past topics explored in the Music Room have included:

  • Lost and Found - great pieces of classical music that were lost for a time and then found again. Bach's Brandenburg Concertos are a pillar of the classical music community, but they were lost to history until someone found them in an estate sale!
  • One Hit Wonders - some of the most familiar, beloved pieces in classical music are the only music you know from that composer. What else did Johann Pachelbel write? Did Carl Orff write anything else besides O Fortuna from Carmina Burana. Of course they did, but these ultra hits are their One Hit Wonders.
  • What's that Instrument? Pieces that help you listen for and learn about various instruments of the orchestra.
  • Ripped Off! The classical greats find their way into rock and pop tunes all the time. One of Elvis' big hits is the same tune as a French love song. Maroon 5's monster hit "Memories" is based on Pachelbel's Canon in D. You'd be surprised at how often the pop tunes you hear have their roots in classical music.

Have an idea for the Music Room? Shoot Karla an email at [email protected]. And explore more with Karla and Scott O'Neil in our podcast Great Composers.

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